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Kidipoints is an Educational and Parental Support App, developed by Dan Campbell, it is a Multi Platform further Development of Kidiponts for Android and Windows Phone, which was published a few years ago.

The mission, was to make Kidipoints available to more People and across more Devices, including PC Apple Mac and iPhone etc, I went back to first principles, kept the great parts of Kidipoints and added new ideas and features.

Learning Resources

Kidipoints is really simple to Use, fundamentally there is the Signed on User, i.e. Parent/Coach etc who gives Points and Kids who Receive them and put them towards Goals and Rewards. We can allow other people (Contributors) to give provisional Points



To give you some idea of Strategies to work with Kids and allocating points here are suggestions.


Questions and answers

Q: Do children need to sign in?
A: No, just use their unique link, from there, they can bank and allocate points themselves, if they are young
Q: How do I allow their Grand Parents to give Points A: Add them as a Contributor, give them the link, any Points they give must be approved by you, before they can be banked or allocated.
Q:When I delete a Behaviour, what happens to the points
A:The Behaviour is only flagged as Deleted, like any Accounting system, it doesn't disappear, but can no longer be allocated to, no points are lost.
Q: How many kids can I manage
A: At the moment, there is no limits, sensible limits I guess, I use with my Sons Football Team, just for their Match Results, so behaviours are things like Goal Scored, Man of the Match, Save and Assist etc.
Q: Is there a charge for using kidipoints
A: No, we may add premium features for Institutional Users in the future, we want people to enjoy using it, so it is free for fair use, all code and scripts is Copyright and we retain ownership, Kidipoints is not freeware or shareware, it may not be altered or redistributed without proper license.
Q: Do I need to install anything
A: No, Kidipoints is a web application, you will however, need an Internet Connection, we are going to create new Offline Versions that will sync.
Q: When I searched, Google showed the Android Version on Play, do I need this?
A: No, the New Web Version and Android Version are completely seperate and do not share any data or logins, you do not need it.
Q: My kids dont seem interested
A: Make it part of the family routine, nobody likes change, especially Kids, maybe introduce it gradually.
Q: Can I delete the standard behaviours
A: No, but I am going to make a change, so that you can toggle, hiding them, from being selected on the Points Page. Q: Is the Points Data Safe?
A: Kidipoints is Hosted at one of the largest Hosting Providers, with full resilience, if you lose your phone or Computer, no problem, your Points are still safe.
Q: Is Kidipoints just for Kids?
A: No, I use it for setting my own Goals, for example down the Gym or various DIY jobs needing done, is fun for Kids to see this too!.
Q: Can I change some of the Icons or Text?
A: Not right now, we are going to allow User created themes in the future and add multi language support.
Q: Can we Buy or customize Kidipoints for our own use?
A: Yes, that is possible, and is a Commercial discusion, email Admin at Kidipoints. Q: Can I use on my Smart TV?
A: Yes, within limits, as long as the browser on the TV follows the latest Web standards, we have tested on Amazon Fire TV, using the Firefox addon, it doesn't allow images to be uploaded but works, we are creating a solution for that, but you can still use Kidipoints.
Q: Can I use my Facebook Account to Login and Post to?
A: We are working on that, it is on the Development list.
Q: Is Kidipoints Complete?
A: The first tranche of Development and Testing has been done, there is lots more to come.

The Overview Slide Deck, in case you missed it