Kidipoints, the free Goals and Rewards system for Kids and Parents, encourage Positive behavior and reward Children for doing so, give your Kids Goals to work towards.

Welcome to the New Web version, Web and Mobile friendly, No Apps to install and compatible across all your devices, simply Register and start using NOW!.

Latest News: Fantastic New Pie Chart, Child Rewards Pie, see exactly what Rewards, Kids are going choosing, Chart range, both by Count and Value. Any Issues, please refresh History/Cache on your device browser, let me know, thanks.

For Parents

Kidipoints is Free to use and does exactly what you need, manage your Own, or a whole Team of Kids, whether you are a Parent or a Team Coach or Teacher, track behavior over time and involve Kids in a fun way to achieve Goals you set with them, ideal for Kids of all Ages, get those you Trust mentoring your Children to Contribute too.

For Kids

Get Rewarded for your good efforts and work towards achieving Goals and Milestones, Kids can see on their Computer, Tablets and Phones how they are doing and decide what Rewards they want to give their earned Points to.

Child Access Portal

Points Contributors

Grandparents, Friends, Coaches, anyone you want to be able to feedback on your Kids Goals, all managed through one easy sign on, you decide what Points are reviewed and awarded.

Contributor Access Portal
Alternatively, use the legacy Offline Version on your Android Device, where you don't have a internet connection. Get it on Google Play